Supporting our Community

Earlier in the year Ngāi Tahu Farming provided a $2500 grant for Swannanoa School to help with the purchase of a scoreboard for their basketball competition. Basketball is hugely popular at the school with 54 tamariki playing in the weekly North Canterbury competition across six teams. The great news is that with our help, the school now has their scoreboard proudly in place in the school hall and assisting the scoring in the local competition.

“Your generous donation of $2500 towards a scoreboard not only meant we could go ahead and get one without further fund raising to complete what we had already raised, but it has already been installed and operating since the start of the season. We are incredibly proud of it and have received many positive comments about it.

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the staff and especially the children of Swannanoa School, I wish to thank Ngāi Tahu sincerely for your donation. Quite simply without it, we would not have the facility that we do today.” (Scotty Herbert, Chair, Swannanoa Board of Trustees)


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