Whenua Kura

Whenua Kura (partnership between Te Tapuae o Rehua, Ngāi Tahu Farming and Lincoln University) offers hands-on training that takes place on our farms. Whenua Kura also helps students get a job at the end of their training and go on to higher levels of Agricultural study at Lincoln University.

The aim of Whenua Kura is to create a highly-skilled workforce that has an intimate understanding of Ngāi Tahu values and the ability to uphold those values on the Ngāi Tahu dairy farms.

The Mana Whenua Working Party worked with Ngāi Tahu Farming to identify ways that give effect to cultural values in their rural developments. Creating pathways for Māori to enter the rural workforce and work on Ngāi Tahu farms was identified as one of the key ways to uphold cultural values.

Whenua Kura combines the teaching of Lincoln University, New Zealand’s specialist land-based university, with Ngāi Tahu values.

This partnership is an expansion of the university’s relationship with Ngāi Tahu and represents growth for both the university and the agricultural sector in New Zealand.

Initially Whenua Kura will focus on Māori students currently studying at Lincoln, alongside Māori already working in the industry.

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